Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Hallelujah" Debuts on Billboard Charts following Cohen's Death

Since 2013, Andrew Barovick has been a partner at Alegria & Barovick LLP, a New York-based litigation firm with a focus on areas including medical malpractice, personal injury, and Social Security Disability. Outside of work, Andrew Barovick enjoys discovering new music and staying abreast of music news. 

After his November 7, 2016, death, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, 32 years after the song’s initial release. 

A tune Rolling Stone calls Cohen’s signature song, “Hallelujah” debuted in the 59th spot on the Hot 100 charts just weeks after the iconic musician’s death. Placing the track in the charts are its 3.8 million streams and 33,000 downloads. 

The song is perhaps best known for one of its many cover versions, by artists ranging from Jeff Buckley to Pentatonix. Numerous covers have also appeared on various Billboard charts since Cohen’s death, including versions from the previously mentioned artists. 

The Pentatonix cover, released just before Cohen’s death, finished ahead of the original on the Hot 100 that week, in the 56th spot.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Patient Safety in a Medical Office Setting

A partner at Alegria & Barovick LLP, in New York, Andrew Barovick represents plaintiffs in a wide variety of matters. With nearly three decades of experience, Andrew Barovick began his career as a trial attorney but has spent the majority of his career focused on representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases.

When many people think of patient safety, they think of safety in hospitals and other major medical facilities. However, patient safety is just as important in an office setting. Common threats to patient safety in a doctor’s office include matters involving patients’ medication. Ideally, an office should always have a list of each patient’s medications, including prescribed and over-the-counter medicine. This prevents doctors from prescribing a new medication that might have adverse interactions. Additionally, all known allergies should be clearly marked in patients’ medical records.

Further, when writing prescriptions, physicians need to write clearly and legibly to prevent clerical errors that may occur when a patient picks up the medicine. Further, rather than writing the Latin abbreviations for dosage frequencies, writing them out clearly in English reduces confusion, as does writing out the purpose for each medication. Meanwhile, for patients who need various imaging or blood tests, offices should keep records of all test results and referrals. This is often streamlined through the use of an electronic system that other physicians can easily access.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Components in Spices as Pain Reliever

As a partner at Alegria & Barovick LLP, Andrew Barovick handles medical malpractice cases, social security disability cases, and personal injury cases. One of Andrew Barovick’s hobbies is cooking. He enjoys Indian food and other cuisines that are heavily spiced.

According to experts, spicy food has many health benefits. Capsaicin, a component found in hot peppers, is known to lead to increased immunity and pain relief. Doctors have used cream made with capsaicin to ease pain from arthritis, shingles, and headaches. Curcumin, a component found in turmeric, is purported to help prevent cancer and decrease inflammation in the body, among other benefits. 

Experts advise that people do not have to add large amounts of spices straight to food, especially if they have a low tolerance to spicy food. It is okay to start by adding an indiscernible amount of crushed red pepper or ground cayenne and/or turmeric to two to three meals a week. Depending on preference, spices can be used to sauté food, added to ready-made dishes, or even sipped as hot teas.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Bushwick Gets Its First New Craft Brewery in 40 Years

Andrew Barovick practices law as a partner at Alegria & Barovick LLP, where his practice focuses on medical malpractice, personal injury, and other personal and property damages. In his free time, Andrew Barovick enjoys tasting craft beers.

One of New York City's newest breweries got off to a good start during the summer of 2016. The Kings County Brewers Collective is the first new brewery to open in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn in 40 years.

The brewery initially intended to operate as a true collective, allowing several talented brewers from all over the city to pursue semi-independent projects under one roof. The founders realized this plan might be needlessly complicated, and elected to rotate through recipes and collaborate with friends instead.

The collective featured two brand-new brews on opening night. Robot Fish #1 is a session-style single-hop IPA, and the lighter Sandcastles brew is a citrusy summer saison.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Reading Buddy Programs Set Kids Up for Success

New York attorney Andrew Barovick practices law with Alegria & Barovick LLP, where he focuses on personal injury, consumer protection, and medical malpractice. Outside of his professional duties, Andrew Barovick gives back to his local community through acts of service. Among other activities, he previously volunteered as a reading buddy with White Plains Public Schools.

In the White Plains Public School District, adults and older students volunteer their time as reading buddies after school, pairing up with students who need a little extra help with their studies. They work on homework, practice basic math skills, and explore the world of books together.

Programs like Reading Buddies After School are critical to academic success for children who tend to struggle with literacy. They encourage reading in unique, personal ways, and can help make reading fun. Developing strong reading skills, in turn, contributes to success both in and outside of school. Regardless of socioeconomic background, students who read frequently tend to achieve more than their non-reading peers.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Proposed NY Medical Malpractice Law Extends Window for Lawsuits

As a partner with Alegria & Barovick, LLP in New York, Andrew Barovick handles cases spanning areas such as medical malpractice, products liability, and personal injury. The former chair of the NYC Bar's Medical Malpractice Committee, he has aggressively assisted numerous clients in receiving the money and benefits they are entitled to. Andrew Barovick stays abreast of the latest issues in medical malpractice statewide and throughout the country.

One major piece of legislation that is making its way through the New York legislature in Albany involves Lavern’s Law, which takes its name from Lavern Wilkinson. A Brooklyn native, Wilkinson died in 2012 in a case of misdiagnosed cancer, with the error not communicated until it had reached stage 4 and was no longer treatable.

The proposed law will change existing statutes, which require suits to be filed within two and a half years of when the alleged malpractice occurred, but within fifteen (15) months for NYC municipal hospitals. Under the bill, the start of the statute of limitations clock would be the moment the patient first realizes that misdiagnosis has occurred. In the case of Lavern Wilkinson, this law revision would have allowed a lawsuit to go forward that is not possible under current regulations.