Thursday, January 26, 2017

Using Cooking and the Kitchen as Parenting Tools

An experienced lawyer, Andrew Barovick serves as a partner with Alegria & Barovick LLP in New York City. Outside of work, Andrew Barovick enjoys exploring new restaurants and preparing delicious foods at home. While perhaps not a traditional location for parenting, the kitchen provides opportunities to impart lessons and grow closer to children.

Teaching in the kitchen can begin at very early ages. Toddlers can help adults count the number of fruits or vegetables they are using and report colors. Talking about ingredients helps build vocabulary.

As children grow older, adults can teach them about safety and what they can and cannot touch. Parents may also want to talk about where food comes from and other basics of agriculture. Making a recipe with a child helps teach reading comprehension and following directions.

Children can take part in cooking by choosing meals and foods for the family. The knowledge that they contribute helps build confidence. As children get older, they can help with mixing dough, basic chopping, and more. Naturally, children will spill foods and make mistakes. Being caring and understand helps them develop self-esteem.